Work Hours and Scheduling

  1. Regular Workdays: The standard work week for full-time employees is Monday through Friday, 9-hour work days with a one-hour break for lunch,  40 hours. Some full-time and Part-time employees may have a different schedule as agreed upon at the time of employment.

  2. Work Hours: Each employee has an individualized work shift which is considered their regular workday. Employees are expected to arrive at work promptly and be ready to start their shifts at the designated time.

  3. Lunch and Breaks: Following Minnesota labor laws, employees are entitled to rest breaks and meal periods during their shifts. The typical shift requirement is a one-hour unpaid lunch break and two fifteen-minute paid breaks. The specific timing and duration of breaks will be communicated to you by your supervisor or manager. Meal time applies to employees who work eight or more consecutive hours. Breaks are a privilege and are not guaranteed. A missed break may not be added to the employee’s lunch period and may not be used to leave work early. Excessive breaks throughout the day that keep you away from your desk for more than 5-10 minutes will be addressed and may result in disciplinary action.

  4. Overtime: In compliance with Minnesota law, non-exempt employees who work more than 48 hours in a workweek are eligible for overtime pay at a rate of 1.5 times their regular hourly rate. Overtime hours are generally worked with prior authorization from a supervisor.