Jury Duty

CST recognizes that jury duty is a civic responsibility of our employees. You must provide a copy of your jury duty summons to HR and your direct supervisor within one day of receiving the summons. New employees must disclose summons prior to being hired.

·   If summoned to jury duty during August or September, CST reserves the right to write a letter to the court requesting the postponement of the employee’s jury duty due to the significant impact this would have on customers and staffing during these months.

·   You will be paid your normal salary or hourly compensation while you are on jury duty for up to 15 days in a calendar year. No overtime payments, if you are eligible for overtime pay, are made during the time that you serve on a jury.

·   At the end of the 15 days, you may use your available paid time off if you wish to continue to be paid while on jury duty. You may also take the additional jury duty time as an unpaid leave of absence.

·   If you report for jury duty and are dismissed, you will be expected to report for work for the remainder of each day on which this occurs. If you are told that you do not need to report to the court on any day of your jury duty stint, you are required to come to work.

If you take an unpaid leave of absence for additional days of jury duty, your benefits such as health care, dental, short-term disability, and long-term disability will be continued and the normal payments that you make will be subtracted from your pay on your return from unpaid leave.