Time Off

Requests for time off must be submitted through Rippling at least 2 weeks prior to the date(s) requested and approved by your direct supervisor. Please consult your direct supervisor prior to setting obligations to a vacation or time off due to the fact that the request may not be approved. No time off will be approved in the month of August, the first three weeks of September and the first two weeks of January, except for extraordinary circumstances and must be approved by leadership. Approval of time off is contingent on business needs, workload and staffing levels. Requests may be denied if necessary to maintain the operation of business.

Vacation Time: It is the established policy of CST to grant annual vacation to all eligible employees. Full-time employees are eligible for vacation benefits.

  • Beginning January 1, new employees will receive vacation time as established in their employment contract. Depending on the hire date vacation time is prorated through December 31.

Limitations: Employees will not be approved to request vacation time during start-up (August to mid-September) unless special circumstances are recognized. During winter break, there will be a need for coverage in each department. It will be up to each individual manager to decide how many people can be out during this time.

  • Vacation time may NOT be used for same-day call-in situations.

  • Vacation time must be used in four-hour increments unless prior approval is given.

  • Employees are encouraged to use their vacation time throughout the year. This will relieve the end-of-year rush to use vacation before you lose it.

  • All vacation time is renewed on January 1 of each year. Employees must use paid vacation days or lose them at year end (December 31).

  • Unused vacation time will not be paid out upon termination or exit from CST.

Safe and Sick Time: All employees have a minimum of 48 hours of Sick & Safe Time per year (January 1 – December 31). This time does not roll into the next year if not used by year end (December 31).

  • Sick & Safe Time will not be paid upon termination or exit from CST.

  • Sick & Safe Time needs to be used for the following reasons:

  • Diagnosis, treatment, recuperation, or preventative care for a medical or mental health condition, illness or injury

  • Legal action, counseling or other services for domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking

  • Care of a covered family member who is sick (or needs diagnosis, treatment, or preventative care), or during emergency closure of their school or place of care (including for inclement weather). Covered family members include immediate family and/or a member of the employee’s household.

  • Scheduled work shift cancellation due to public health emergency or order of a public official

  • Sick & Safe Time absence requires medical or other documentation to human resources prior to returning to work if you are absent for three or more consecutive days, or if clear evidence of illegitimate use exists.

  • Sick & Safe Time needs to be used in one hour increments