Voting Leave Policy

CST encourages civic engagement and recognizes the importance of employees exercising their right to vote. This policy outlines the company's commitment to providing reasonable time off to enable employees to vote.


All employees who are eligible and registered voters are entitled to take time off to vote in local, state, or federal elections.

Paid Time Off

CST will provide up to 2 hours of paid time off to vote if an employee's work schedule prevents them from voting outside of working hours.


Employees should notify their immediate supervisor or HR at least 2 days in advance if they anticipate needing voting leave. If unforeseen circumstances arise, employees should notify their supervisor as soon as possible.

Proof of Voting

Employees may be required to provide proof of voting, such as an "I Voted" sticker or proof of voter registration, upon returning to work.

CST values the participation of its employees in the democratic process and supports their right to vote. Employees seeking voting leave should follow the procedures outlined in this policy, and any questions or concerns should be directed to HR.