Performance and Accountability

Performance Expectations

  • Remote employees are expected to meet the same performance standards and goals as in-office employees.

  • Employees are expected to be available and communicative during scheduled work hours efficiently and effectively.

  • Regular performance reviews and evaluations will be conducted, ensuring accountability and maintaining productivity. (Phone, email, company softwares and instant messaging will be monitored as necessary for each employee to ensure productivity)

  • Employees must have access to the internet at all times, if not possible, employees will be expected to use vacation or unpaid time while addressing the issue.

Data Security

  • Remote employees must comply with the company's electronic, data and security policies and procedures, ensuring the confidentiality and protection of company information.

Childcare Arrangements

  • Working remotely is not a substitute for childcare. Except in extenuating circumstances, you should not be available during your core work hours to care for your dependents. You are expected to have arranged for childcare outside of your workspace to minimize disruption to your workday. In extenuating circumstances, you should discuss your situation with your manager and human resources.

Make Time for Your Wellbeing

  • Remote work can make it more difficult to clearly separate between work and personal time. The following list is offered as a resource to help employees prioritize their wellbeing in a remote work environment:

  • Build in transitions to and from work, to mentally prepare for the start and the end of your work day.

  • Follow your work schedule and take breaks and lunch away from your workspace.

  • Take time for yourself – use your vacation time to recharge, and your sick time if you are sick. You are not expected to work when you are not feeling well or have planned time away.

  • This list is not exhaustive. Please reach out to your manager or human resources if you have any questions or concerns.