Our Team

Student-Centered Transportation Professionals

We come from a wide range of backgrounds including former K-12 educators, mechanical engineers, superintendents, marketers, social workers, programmers, technologists, and logistic experts.

Why We Do It

School is Stability

We have worked hard to meet the needs of a diverse set of students - so they have access to this important resource.

  • Access to Food

  • Social Connection

  • Safety & Support

  • Education

  • Mentorship

  • Basic Care

Our Credo

We are here to care for each other

Our peers

Our neighbors

Our communities

We start with empathy

seeking to recognize ourselves in one another

Finding strength in our differences,

We find ways to stay together

Where others step back - we lean in

to listen and learn

to actively participate in solutions

to share the responsibility of every task

We believe healthy communities have contrast

of experience and culture

of gender and race

of belief and conviction

We give more than we take

by leaving things better than we found them

by shining spotlights more than we seek them

by prioritizing people over process and profit

We collaborate on ways to move forward

with a stubbornness for justice

with a willingness to grow

with humility and creativity

Together - we create spaces for stability, support, and hope

Let's Get Started

We Are Ready

Drivers and vehicles are ready and waiting to support your needs. Our team will be in touch with a plan to get your students the stability they deserve



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